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Script for Snow Wars, part 1



Setting: Snowforts

 Movie opens with ACP defeating Romans at the end of  World War 2. 

Oagalthorp: Ok, everyone spread out and patrol for Romans.

ACP soldiers leave to look for Romans

High ACP rank 1: So, now that Romans are gone, what shall we do now?

Oagalthorp: We should build up our army. If we are ever attacked again we will need it.

ACP soldier runs back on screen

Soldier: Sir! Sir! Come quick! We’ve found something!

The 3 Walk into the boiler room, to see a huge party of UM A. UM A soldiers get quiet.

Pink Mafias: Well, I thought I would see you sometime.

Oagalthorp: Hello, who are you?

Pink Mafias: We, are the UM A.

Oagalthorp: Do you think we could make a truce?

Pink Mafias: Uhh sure. Whatever. Continue preperations soldiers.

UMA soldiers continue talking and moving about

Oagalthorp: Preperations for what?

Pink Mafias: Oh, we have some business to do later.

Oagalthorp: Ok, see you around.

ACP leave


Later on Oagal goes to the Pizza Parlor UMA are everywhere taking money and causing chaos.

Oagal: 😮 . What are you doing?

Pink Mafias: Business. We told you

Oagal:  This is crazy.  You should’nt be stealing!

Pink: Listen. We like to think of it as taxation.  We protect Mammoth and they pay us back with money and some entertainment. 

Oagal: This is wrong.  ACP won’t stand for it. I declare war, on UMA.

1st High ranking UMA: Bring it on.

A few days later, Oagal and a high ranking ACP are walking to a weekly meeting in the dojo.

High ACP rank: So what will we be covering today?

Oagal: We will come up with a plan to fight UMA.  I’m confident we will crush them.

High Rank: How?

Just then a soldier runs up

Soldier: Sir! Come quick! Its UMA!

Oagal: What? Come on! Lets go!

The 3 run into the dojo….


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Hello world!

Welcome to the official website for the UPA! UPA means united penguins army.   Our job is to protect CP from armies like ACP and RPF.   This website should be up and running by the 13th.   We will also be part of the C.P.U.N.