Script for Snow Wars, part 1



Setting: Snowforts

 Movie opens with ACP defeating Romans at the end of  World War 2. 

Oagalthorp: Ok, everyone spread out and patrol for Romans.

ACP soldiers leave to look for Romans

High ACP rank 1: So, now that Romans are gone, what shall we do now?

Oagalthorp: We should build up our army. If we are ever attacked again we will need it.

ACP soldier runs back on screen

Soldier: Sir! Sir! Come quick! We’ve found something!

The 3 Walk into the boiler room, to see a huge party of UM A. UM A soldiers get quiet.

Pink Mafias: Well, I thought I would see you sometime.

Oagalthorp: Hello, who are you?

Pink Mafias: We, are the UM A.

Oagalthorp: Do you think we could make a truce?

Pink Mafias: Uhh sure. Whatever. Continue preperations soldiers.

UMA soldiers continue talking and moving about

Oagalthorp: Preperations for what?

Pink Mafias: Oh, we have some business to do later.

Oagalthorp: Ok, see you around.

ACP leave


Later on Oagal goes to the Pizza Parlor UMA are everywhere taking money and causing chaos.

Oagal: 😮 . What are you doing?

Pink Mafias: Business. We told you

Oagal:  This is crazy.  You should’nt be stealing!

Pink: Listen. We like to think of it as taxation.  We protect Mammoth and they pay us back with money and some entertainment. 

Oagal: This is wrong.  ACP won’t stand for it. I declare war, on UMA.

1st High ranking UMA: Bring it on.

A few days later, Oagal and a high ranking ACP are walking to a weekly meeting in the dojo.

High ACP rank: So what will we be covering today?

Oagal: We will come up with a plan to fight UMA.  I’m confident we will crush them.

High Rank: How?

Just then a soldier runs up

Soldier: Sir! Come quick! Its UMA!

Oagal: What? Come on! Lets go!

The 3 run into the dojo….